Shomareyek, Copyright 2003

Include the applet in an HTML page with code similar to the following:

<applet code="magicimage2.class" width=660 height=370>
<param name=info value="Applet by Shomare Yek,">
<param name=regcode value="">
<param name=bgcolor value="bf2222">
<param name=foreground_image value="mimg.gif">
<param name=background_image value="txture.jpg">
<param name=status_bar value="Click here">
<param name=scroll_way value="false">
<param name=delay_time value="40">
<param name=link value="">
<param name=target_frame value="_blank">
<a href="" target="_blank">Shomareyek, Copyright 2003 </a>

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